Charta Global Introduces Enza Kraft Paper

New machine glazed kraft paper with excellent strength properties, ideally suited for food and non-food protective packaging and various technical and Industrial applications.

Anaheim, CA, May 15, 2017


Charta Global, provider of specialty, office/stationery,  graphical papers, food grade and packaging boards for  the US and Latin America and strategic partner to Asia Pulp & Paper has announced the addition of Enza Kraft to its full line of specialty papers.

Enza Kraft, is the newest product in the full line of specialty paper products, this is a certified bleached virgin pulp based machine glazed paper with gloss on one side and a bit coarse surface on the other side of the paper. Excellent tensile and tearing strength are the major parameters which makes our product perfect raw material for a wide range of technical and packaging applications. It is optical brightener free (NO-OBA’s) and comes in an ISO brightness level of 82%.

Under Enza Kraft Paper we have multiple technical specification to fulfill requirement of various end applications and market segments include food and consumer product consumables as well as industrial applications. The food grade version is US FDA compliant and ISEGA certified for food consumables which include: sandwich wrapper, biscuit bag, chewing gum wrapper, frozen and non-frozen confection wrapper, salt, pepper, sugar packets & tea pouches.  Non-food applications include cigarette inner liner, release for labels, decals, static  cling, gift wrap, shoes & clothing wraps, floral, medical & pharmaceutical products and shopping bags. Industrial applications include: lamination to plywood, slip-sheeting (interleave) for stainless steel, textile transfer paper, release base paper for feminine hygiene products, flooring, roofing and other substrates in both panels and rolls.

“We are thrilled to offer the newest addition to our diverse product portfolio. We are responding to the market with unique specialty grades such as Enza Kraft and look forward to continued growth and expansion with our loyal customer base.” said Rizal Setiadi, President, Charta Global.

Enza Kraft comes in various rolls widths from 19.7” up to 78.7” and has substance basis weight range of  15.4-43.0.  Jumbo rolls can be converted to narrow rolls of 7.9” and any sheet size. It's excellent smooth surface can be printed with multiple colors in off-set, both sheet-fed and web, wide format, flexography, foil stamping and embossing.

About Charta Global                                                                                                                       Charta Global, headquartered in Anaheim, CA, sells an extensive portfolio of paper products which include: coated and uncoated for commercial and digital printing, coated folding carton boards, cast coated, food grade products, kraft, colored papers, briefcard, woodfree, photocopy & digital papers, carbonless, thermal, art and stationery products.  Wholesale distributors and paper merchants throughout North and South America utilize Charta Global’s robust supply chain and logistics programs enabling just in time delivery for end use. As a strategic partner of the Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), Charta Global leverages a state of the art R&D network and leading sustainability practices of one of the world's largest fully integrated pulp and paper manufacturers with more than 20 million metric tons of paper and board manufacturing capacity.

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