Our Commitment


Charta Global adheres to and exceeds many global environmental standards. Sustainable sourcing is part of the Charta customer promise and one of the principle drivers behind our supply chain.


Our strategic partner, Asia Pulp & Paper Group, has implemented one of the most comprehensive forest conservation policies in the industry including: 

  •  A strict zero deforestation policy (end to natural forest clearance) 

  • Commitment to peatland protection 

  • Adoption of global best practices human rights principles 

  • Sustainable sourcing process and policies across its entire supply chain 

  • A commitment to support the restoration and conservation of 1 million hectares of forest across Indonesia. 


These policies, levels of transparency and recognition by such groups as the Bonn Challenge, Carbon Disclosure project and NY Declaration on Forests at the United Nations provides the sustainable confidence our customers and the marketplace demand. 

Charta products are fully compliant with US Lacey Act requirements and the European Timber regulations and are certified under a number of other recognized legality and sustainability certification systems.