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labelstock products are especially

designed for various labeling applications such as:

- In Process Goods

- Lubricant

- Footwear

- Apparel

- Food & Beverages

- Electronic Goods

- Automotive & Spare Parts

- Logistics

- Musical Instruments

- Caution & Warning Labels

- Building & Construction

- Retail & Grocery

- Medic

Labelstock Products, as we in Charta Global call it, refers to a line of products which are also known in the market as Labelstock, Self Adhesive Label, PSA Label or Sticker.


In general, Labelstock Products are made of 3 parts, known as Face Material, Adhesive, and Backing Liner.


Both Face Material and Backing Liner could be made from various kinds of paper and film material. The most widely used ones for Face Material are Woodfree, Art Paper, Cast Coated, Thermal Paper and Opaque PP Film while other paper are also used to a less extent.


As for Release Liner, the most popular paper materials are Colored Glassine Paper, Woodfree, and Kraft Paper, while film material is less frequently used in comparison.


The currently available labelstock products from Pindo Deli are 5 differents kinds of face materials: Woodfree, Artpaper, Castcoated, Direct Thermal and Synthetic Paper.


With these products available, we cater to the needs for office labeling, retail outlet labeling, barcode label, and other general end uses.


Today, Labelstock Products have been used in various industrial sectors, and thus, in line with this we're continuously developing new products to meet the market demand. We believe that the demand of our Labelstock Products will continue to increase accordingly.

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