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Facial Tissue-03.png
Facial Tissue-01.png

Jumbo Roll

Facial Tissue-03.png

Soft and Strong made from our natural fiber. Fine quality jumbo rolls for converters for producing facial tissue products. The products are soft and safe on user's skin.

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Facial Tissue-04.png

Jumbo Roll

Facial Tissue-05.png

Hygienic and soft are the main properties ensured in our jumbo roll toilet Tissues. These attributes will meet practical and sanitary requirements at end user's skin level. IT is easily disintegrated in water our solutions, most importantly supports safety need at toilet rooms.

Facial Tissue-09.png
Facial Tissue-07.png

Jumbo Roll

Facial Tissue-08.png

Fresh and hygienic product for serviettes which is suitable for surface printing. The strength and smoothness come from the use of natural fiber. Our napkin jumbo rolls are mainly used to maintain sanitary needs at meal time.

Facial Tissue-12.png
Facial Tissue-10.png

Jumbo Roll

Facial Tissue-11.png

Durable and has great ability to absorb dirt and liquids. the strength and absorbency are the reason of using this particular product for wiping purpose.

color Tissue-29.png
Facial Tissue-15.png

Jumbo Roll

Facial Tissue-16.png

Color agents may be added on all tissue grades ( facial, toilet, napkin and towel) to give special optical differentiation value in the market. 

There are 3 tones of color in our SKU: pastel, medium and high whiteness. We are committed to use dyes/pigments form appointed vendors which is food safety and environmental friendly.

Color Tissue

Our MG jumbo roll is compatible with various applications both for food and non-food. IT is well proven for printing, cutting PE & Aluminum laminate, sachet packaging, adhesive coating, or simply mechanical treatment.

MG Paper Jumbo
MG -CUT SIZE-1.png
MG -CUT SIZE-2.png
MG -CUT SIZE-3.png

Our MG paper is also available in the cut sheet. Packaging depends on the customer's requirement as it should make a balance between market needs, product safety, and our production efficiency.

MG Paper cut size
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